Church Services



Service Times

Sunday Services

SUNDAY SCHOOL       10:00 AM

A.M. PREACHING       11:00 AM

P.M. PREACHING        6:00 PM

Midweek Service

WEDNESDAY        7:00 PM

The King James Bible is used in every service by every teacher and preacher because of its perfection and reliability


Adult Sunday School Sundays 10:00 AM
Sunday school is not just for children!
We try to make the class relevant to everyday life by teaching Bible stories and showing how they are relevant and usable to our every day life.
Many times it is an opportunity to ‘swim at the deep end of the pool’ as pastor will delve even deeper into God’s Word.
We also try and have activities for the adults in the class to get together and have a time of fun and fellowship.

Children’s Sunday School Sundays 10:00 AM
We have graded classes for children, from nursery to 6th grade. See the “Sunday School” Page for more details on children’s Sunday School classes.

Main Service Sundays 11:00 AM
Since the foundation of our church is Jesus Christ, we firmly believe that the best way to make Him known is through the preaching of the Word of God.
We are very much an old fashioned church where we still take the Bible as our sole authority of faith and practice.
We believe that it is through it, and it alone, that souls can and will be saved.
We try and do our best to study and be prepared to give people the Bible in a way that they can understand it and see how it is relevant to their lives.
Our pastor loves to preach, and is very pleased with how our church and the Lord allows him free reign to proclaim the Word of God without compromise.
We do not plan on changing for anyone or anything at anytime.

Sunday Evening Sundays 6:00 PM
This is probably our favorite time of worship, as typically it is our most faithful and God-loving people in attendance. We try to have some extra music on that night (very conservative in nature), and have a great time studying God’s Word. It is also here where we will have many different series.

Wednesday Prayer Meeting Wednesdays 7:00 PM
Although we pray several times at all services, as the name suggests, we spend extra time in prayer on Wednesday nights. People are able to share problems and praises going on in their lives, and have them prayed for specifically. Afterwards, there is preaching, dealing with anything, but commonly dealing with a Biblical doctrine in detail.