Sentence Sermons


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We have tried to give credit for these as we know how, U.K. means “Unknown” source.

01. Anywhere, provided it be forward…David Livingstone

02. I had rather be in the heart of Africa in the will of God than on the throne of England out of the will of God…David Livingstone

03. If you know these two things – yourself a sinner and Christ a Saviour – you are scholar enough to go Heaven…C.H. Spurgeon

04. If you cannot do great things, you can at least do small things in a great way…U.K.

05. I believe in the promises of God enough to venture an eternity on them…G. Campbell Morgan 

06. I never saw a useful Christian who was not a student of the Bible…D.L. Moody

07. If you want to be poor – hoard
If you want to be rich – give
If you want to be wealthy – scatter
If you want to be a pauper – grasp… Unknown 

08. No one can study chemistry and see the wonderful way in which certain elements combine with the nicety of the most delicate machine ever invented and not come to the inevitable conclusion that there is a Big Engineer who is running this universe…Thomas Edison 

09. The young preacher was flattered when someone descried him as a “model” preacher. His pride, however, soon vanished when he turned to his dictionary and found the definition of model: “a small imitation of the real thing.”
He was a little more cautious the next time. on being described as a “warm” preacher, he turned to his pocket dictionary, which read, “Warm…not so hot.” … Unknown

10. I went out to find a friend, but could not find one there;
I went out to be a friend, and found friends were everywhere! … unknown